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The Lander story begins on Boxing Day 2014. Charles and Dan had organised a games day, but due to the excesses of Christmas, found themselves a little short of players. Surrounded by all their favourite board games, they were frustrated at the lack of two player strategy games. They sat discussing the issue a little and then began noting the good and bad bits about their favourite games. Eventually, it was mused that perhaps they could try making a game themselves.

Out came the pens and paper and they began to play ‘write something on a card and play it on the table’. At that moment in time, neither of them could have foreseen the hours of designing, prototyping, play testing and refining that would follow. Being avid fans of space exploration, and long time players of resource management strategy games, this would eventually lead to the creation of Lander, the space colony strategy game.

Over the next two years, Lander underwent a series of revisions. Cards were re-written, graphics were modified and the underlying game mechanics were tweaked. Friends, family members and board game enthusiasts from around the world joined in the playtesting process and with their careful feedback, the game finally began to converge on a final state.

Early in 2017, the decision was made to commercialise the game and begin planning a Kickstarter campaign. Team Lander has since welcomed Sean, Elias and Jess into the fold, expanding the team’s artistic, graphic design and storytelling capabilities. United by our passion for fun, memorable and beautiful board games, our five-person crew is busy at work writing the next chapter of the Lander story.

Our Crew