In the year 2192, the GCC Intrepid was launched from Earth by six global corporations to colonise the first planet outside of our solar system thought to be able to sustain human life. On approach to the planet, a vessel affectionately known as ‘the Lander’ was launched from the main colony ship carrying a 60-person crew comprised of engineers, scientists and operations staff. The purpose of this advanced mission was to prepare a colony on the surface of the planet before the arrival of the Intrepid, which carried 5,000 pioneers in search of a new home.

However,  when the Lander entered the planet’s atmosphere, its navigation system malfunctioned, resulting in a crash that damaged the ship’s life support systems and restricted the number of crew members that could be released from their stasis pods. With just a handful of resources and items at their disposal, the available crew must strive to complete as many of Command’s missions as possible before the Intrepid arrives.

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