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LANDER: After the Crash

Kickstarter 10 Sep 2024

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What is LANDER?

LANDER is a competitive, resource management strategy game. Expand your production facilities, develop your crew and complete missions to lead your corporation to victory. Can you adapt to the dangers of a new world and outwit your rivals to take control? 


Your story begins here ... after the crash.


Discover a new world

Feel the excitement of exploring Kaimas, the planet you've crashed on. Build your resource base by claiming new territories and upgrading your facilities over time. With over 60 unique tiles and a modular board design, you'll be immersed in a different story every game!


Empower your crew

Feel a sense of connection with your crew as you discover their unique characteristics and leverage their powerful abilities. Choose from over 40 characters and develop their expertise with fascinating combinations of training, traits, and items. Navigate the dangers of a perilous world and guide your team to victory.

An example of developing your crew members in Lander

Assert your influence

Feel the rush as you vie for the position of Colony Governor and sway unforseen events in your favor. Gain influence by supporting colony development and use it to perform powerful actions to further your own interests or sabotage the plans of your rivals.​


Elevate your strategy 

Experience the thrill of planning efficient pathways to victory and the ultimate satisfaction of achieving them. Compete to complete different types of missions, each with their own bonuses that link together to create intriguing puzzles for you to solve. Bonus stars from special accolades and achievements can tip the scales between victory and defeat.


Play LANDER on Tabletop Simulator today!


Looking for an artist?

Looking for a reliable, talented and friendly digital artist to bring your project to life? Look no further than Elias Stern - the artist behind LANDER. He's currently taking on new projects so check out his portfolio below and get in touch if you think he's a good fit. We've worked with him for years and can't say enough about the excellent quality of his work!  


Get in touch

Do you have questions about the game? Opportunities for potential collaborations? Ideas to support the Kickstarter campaign and help bring Lander to life? We'd love to hear from you. You can reach us by email at   

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