Facebook Event Promos

These images are all 1920 x 1080px with a layout that's optimized for use as a Facebook event image. 


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Promos

These images are all square so you can cross-post them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and they will all look good on mobile and desktop.

PBYP Partner Ad 12C - Crash Site PBYP Lo
Lander PBYP Ad
PBYP Partner Ad 9C - Box Cover Play Befo
PBYP Partner Ad 13 - Game Photo Order No
PBYP Partner Ad 10D - Rulebook Launch Da
PBYP Partner Ad 11 - Crop Fire Launch Da
PBYP Partner Ad 14 - Game Box KS Logo PB

Promos and Graphic Design Assets

We've prepared a series of LANDER promo images you can share on social media, prior to and during the Kickstarter campaign. To download an image simply click on the thumbnail (this will open it full screen) then save it.

You should have also received an email from us with a WeTransfer link, but in case you didn't you can download the full package of assets here: 

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