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03   The G.C.C.

To many, the discovery of the Kaimas system signaled hope. To the Global Corporate Coalition (GCC) - a six-member coalition of the world's largest, most influential companies - it was an opportunity.    

Against the backdrop of social unrest and war, on a scale unlike anything humanity had ever seen before, the GCC formed strategic partnerships, to conceptualize, design and fund the first interstellar spaceship.

The public were sold the dream of returning to a safe, thriving community; a world free from conflict and disease, with abundant food and clean water.

However, behind closed doors, the GCC schemed to carve up the resource potential of the new world and establish a monopoly to exploit it for their own ends. Each company would send several representatives to ensure their corporate interests were met.  

An 80-year plan was devised to build a ship in Earth's orbit, capable of making the long journey to the Kaimas system. 


Not bound by the bureaucracy of government procurement, market forces galvanized the efforts of all humanity and the project was achieved nearly two decades ahead of schedule.

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