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06   The Crash

After overshooting its planned landing site, the Lander hurtled toward a formation of rocks. The approach velocity caused the front of the Lander to mount the rocks, but the weight of the rear section slammed it back down, tragically tearing the craft in two. 

Although most of the craft's fuselage remained unscathed, by sheer chance, the point where the craft was broken apart was exactly where the stasis pods and life support systems were located. 

The crash resulted in the immediate death of many crew in their stasis pods and the destruction of a large portion of the life-support systems planned, for use in the colony base.

As a priority, QUINN revived the surviving GCC representatives and determined that the available life-support systems could only afford each corporation 2 additional crew members to manage.  

The remaining survivors in stasis would require additional resources to sustain them in the colony base before they could be safely revived.

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