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07   The First Year

In the year that followed, the first crew to be awakened were faced with a daunting task. Not only were they responsible for constructing the colony base with far fewer crew members than expected, they also had to survive the hazards of this strange new world.

With the assistance of QUINN (whose role on Kaimas-2 was to optimize colony development) and several autonomous vehicles, the base started to take shape. The focus then shifted to exploring the area around the crash site and classifying it into sectors based on each area's dominant land use type.

It wasn't long before each GCC representative started to push their own corporate agenda, claiming several territories as their own.  

The original scheme specified that upon their arrival, all pioneers would be assigned to work for a corporation. More labor meant a corporation was better positioned to stake claim to the spoils of the new world.  

In the spirit of efficiency, the GCC representatives agreed that the fairest way to determine a corporation's share of the pioneers would be to track its contribution to colony development, before the Intrepid's arrival.

QUINN was used to assign a value to each task, based on its relative complexity. This value was defined by a number of mission stars. The corporation that amassed the most mission stars by the time the Intrepid arrived would be the market leader going forward.  

But first, a decision was required.

Would the GCC representatives signal the Intrepid to make an early arrival or would they wait 5 years as originally planned?

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