The 60-person crew selected for the mission to Kaimas was handpicked by the GCC based on their unique expertise in relevant fields.

They're as diverse as the world they've left behind. They embody different genders, ages, races, sexual orientations and personality traits.  

For simplicity, each crew member was assigned a class within the colony, based on their expertise. These include Engineering, Operations and Science. 

Click on the buttons below to see the manifest for each class. You can also click on each crew member's profile picture to learn more about them and their story. 

Alicia Bailey

Kristina Nataliya

Akhtar Bodaghi

Dane Garrick

Sofía Rodriguez

Ørjan Torre

Khalifa Al-Hamaidi

Sang Yi

Zaira Luigina

Zelimir Takis

Bára Nemecková

Nohemi Mendoza

Zachary Jameson

Zayn Tukou

Elise Deveroux

Mohini Yami

Gulya Idrisova

Hal Forrest

Dayo Afolayan

Severin Håkan

Sankar Raja

Rosamond Darcy

Amare Neo

Bryce Aden

Yori Hiraku

Yuzuki Ueno

Pierre Rouben

Giovanna Lazzari

Kim Renae

Oleg Lagunov

Siegbert Lutz

Jocelyn Aston

Xiu Lim

Coby Stryker

Alma Cruz

Dilara Terzi

Erik Torbjörn

Gabriella Rosa

Keneuwe Jakobo

Otto Hauer

Stavros Zabat

Junko Aiko

Idhar Saja

Katja Reuter

Vasanti Niketa

Casey Hunter

Lee Jadyn

Gwen Braelyn

Mary van der Vahl

Jabari Ife

Ang Tze Chua

Mei Jiang

Muriel Azura

Kamon Sunan

Li Zheng

Abel Cardozo

Pablo Fernandez

Xiang Su Wen

Cezário Félix

Ricky Jools