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One of our favourite things about playing board games is putting our phones away for a couple of hours and immersing ourselves in a game with friends. For that reason, Lander does not rely on or require a phone to play. Everything you need is right in the box!


That said, there are times when you're teaching a game to new players, learning a game for the first time or simply looking for a rule clarification that a traditional rulebook isn't the best tool for the job. 


For this reason, we will be developing a series of tools or "game companions" that you can access from your phone to help reduce downtime and improve game play. There are currently three such tools in development but we may add more as we receive feedback from our Play Before You Pledge partners

  • Virtual Mission Roster – a page on our website that allows you to recreate the Mission Roster in the game on your phone. This will help players see the requirements on the public Missions, when sitting across the table.  

  • Dized Rule Set – a free downloadable app that provides a virtual Lander rulebook with searchable keywords and extensive FAQ lookup feature. 

  • Dized Tutorials – an extension to the Dized Rule Set which will teach important concepts with the use of 3D animations and tutorials.

The alpha version of the virtual mission roster was deployed in September 2019 and is currently available for use hereIf use wish to share feedback about your experience, you can fill out a feedback form or email us (

We are aiming to have an alpha version of the Lander rule set uploaded into Dized and available for download at some point in autumn 2019. This development work will also include building an extensive list of FAQs, compiled from Lander demos and playtest sessions around the world.

As part of their rollout plan, Dized will be introducing the interactive tutorial builder in Autumn 2019. Our plan is to offer the development of a Dized tutorial for Lander as a stretch goal in the Kickstarter campaign. All backers (including retailers pledges) would receive a code inside the box that would grant them free access to the tutorials.

To learn more about Dized we recommend you download the app and read some of the rule sets they have for other popular games - it really is a hand tool to have!


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