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We really appreciate you taking the time to try our game and share your thoughts. As first time game publishers, the success of our project will depend on our ability to cultivate a following around the game. That's where you come in!


We will be rewarding those of you who participate in our Play Before You Pledge campaign by entering you into a monthly draw to win a free copy of Lander (including all stretch goals unlocked during the campaign and shipping fees).


In the spirit of Lander, we have devised 4 missions for you to complete. Each completed mission will give you stars (i.e. tickets) into the monthly draw.


1 Star Mission:
Sign up to our mailing list.


2 Star Mission:

Submit a feedback form or email us at


3 Star Mission:

Review and rate Lander on our Board Game Geek page.


4 Star Mission:

Post a picture of you playing Lander at a PBYP location and tag us and the venue on FacebookInstagram or Twitter (limit 1 post per day).

The first draw will occur at the end of September. Anyone who has already completed any of these missions prior to this giveaway announcement will automatically get credit for their stars.  All entries in the draw will roll over into future months so the earlier you participate the more chances you'll have to win!

The Kickstarter campaign launches March 3, 2020 but we will be making the draft version of the Kickstarter page live in October. Our plan is to tie all stretch goals to social challenges, which means you and other Lander fans can start working towards unlocking the stretch goals even before the campaign officially launches! 


The bigger we can grow the following before the campaign, the more component upgrades we can unlock and the better the game will be for all backers (including retailers). With your help we can make this a campaign to remember and a game worthy of a spot on your shelf!

Our story begins here...

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