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In preparation for the launch of our first Kickstarter campaign, we've formed a company (Intrepid Games) to oversee the design, development, publishing, fulfillment and post-Kickstarter distribution of Lander. Intrepid Games is currently a two-man team composed of Dan Alexander and Sean Lemon.


To fill in the gaps in our knowledge, experience and technical skill set, we are working very closely with our artist, graphic designer, manufacturer as well as several shipping companies. Our partners will help ensure that we can deliver a high quality game at a reasonable price, as quickly as possible. 

Dan Alexander

Lead Game Designer


As the lead game designer, Dan conceptualized the mechanics and rules for Lander and worked closely with his friend Charles Gershom to develop several early prototypes.     

To refine game play and design, Dan has spearheaded a global playtesting initiative, which has culminated in the Play Before You Pledge campaign.   

To help bring his vision of Lander to life, Dan also provides significant guidance in the artwork and graphic design process. 

Sean Lemon

Executive Producer


As the executive producer, Sean is responsible for preparing the game components for printing and coordinating the production process with Gameland.

To help grow and engage the Lander community, Sean also manages web development, videography and the Lander social media channels.



Gameland Logo1.png

In early 2018, we flew to Ningbo, China to meet the Gameland team and tour their factory. Soon after the trip, they became our manufacturing partner for Lander.  

Since then we've worked closely with their team to refine the design of the game and create several prototypes for testing. In May 2019, Gameland produced 160 pre-Kickstarter copies of Lander as part of our Play Before You Pledge campaign.

Quartermaster  Logistics

Fulfillment (North America)


In April 2019, we partnered with Quartermaster Logistics - an industry leader in Kickstarter fulfillment. 

In August 2019 they coordinated with Sankes and Lattes to ship demo copies of Lander to 100 board game shops, cafes, and reviewers across North America.

They will be providing valuable insight into the costs and logistics of shipping to help us fulfill our Kickstarter orders in a reliable, cost-effective way.

Spiral Galaxy Games

Fulfillment (Europe)

Spiral Galaxy Games Logo.png

In April 2019, we partnered with Spiral Galaxy Games - a top-rated board game distribution company in Europe. 

In June 2019 they sent demo copies of Lander to board game shops, cafes and reviewers in the EU. They will be helping us provide EU-friendly shipping to our European backers.

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