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This is your home page where you can see a summary of your backer activity and a view of the total backers across all 130 PBYP partner locations.  

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This is where you can add a new backer to your retail pledge. You will need their full name, email address and phone number. As soon as they are added in the system, a confirmation email will be sent to you, the backer and Intrepid Games with their unique order number.    

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Here you can view the names and contact details of all the backers who have pre-ordered Lander through your venue. You can also see a summary of the total games you've sold, deposits collected, outstanding payments to collect and estimated shipping costs based on your current order.       


This area includes a Lander 'Play Before You Pledge' poster to put up in your venue to promote the Kickstarter launch as well as a series of personalised ads optimised for sharing on Facebook and Instagram.   


This is the place to go if you or a potential backer has questions about Lander or more specifically, the Play Before You Pledge pre-sale system. If this section doesn't fully answer your questions you can email us at

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