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As our first offering to the board game community, we feel that Lander is the perfect embodiment of our philosophy to board game design. We enjoy playing a variety of games, but the 4 principles below best characterize the ‘type’ of games we strive to design and publish.

01   Replayability

When you purchase a board game, you’re exchanging your hard-earned money for an experience. We believe that the best way to honor that purchase is to design games which offer a unique experience every time you play.


To that end, we create components and mechanics that facilitate near-infinite combinations, so that whether you’re playing a game for the first time – or the hundredth – you still find something new or see a scenario that you haven’t previously encountered.

02   Non-Linear Game Play

There are few things we dislike more than linear game play, where all players can see the outcome long before the game ends.


If you’ve set aside time in your busy schedule to play our game, we believe you should be engaged the whole way through. That's why our games give players ways to pull back their opponents and come from behind to win. 

03   Immersive Experience

Our favorite games are the ones where the mechanics and theme coalesce to create an immersive game playing experience that stays with us for days.


Through our game art, graphic design and mechanics we strive to create an engaging experience that gets players feeling invested in the final outcome.

04   Reward Bold Plays

As our name suggests, we believe that players should be encouraged to be intrepid. While there are many situations where a steady, disciplined approach is necessary, we find the moments that turn good games into memorable experiences occur when players make bold moves.

To that end, our games allow players to make their own luck and strive to provide players with situations where calculated risks can pay off!

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