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Dear board gamer,


Thanks for checking out LANDER - the first game to be released by our publishing company Intrepid Games.

We debuted LANDER at the UK Games Expo in 2017 and for the last 2.5 years, have worked around our day jobs to improve the components and refine the game play.

We've taken it to gaming groups and cons around the world and launched a #PlayBeforeYouPledge campaign to get feedback from as many board game players as possible.

If LANDER looks like a game worthy of a spot on your shelf, please help support our Kickstarter campaign by sharing this link!

With love,

Dan & Sean

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What is LANDER?

Lander is a competitive, 2-4 player, space themed strategy game.


Manage resources and develop your crew to complete missions, but beware, a temperamental planet and rival corporations will force you to pivot your strategy to the very end! 


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What makes Lander special?


Challenge yourself with a puzzle like no other

Resource management is crucial on a new planet, but to complete missions it's not just about area control. You'll need to build your engine by managing your cards and crew tableau strategically.  

Two boad gamers playing Lander and contemplating their strategies
Lander crew cards on player board showing tableau buildng mechanic

Draft and develop an asymmetric crew

There are 50 crew members with unique skills, traits and leadership abilities and you control up to 4 at any time. Develop your crew with training and item cards to unlock unique paths to victory.

Pivot your strategy to adapt to new threats 

Whether its planetary events changing resource production or rival corporations attempting to sabotage your plans, you'll need to stay nimble and be ready to pivot your strategy at a moment's notice.  

A kill card being played in Lander demonstarting take that mechanic
Board game players reacting to their game of Lander

Experience tension and excitement every game

Sectors will be stolen, crew members will die and accolades will change hands. The game can swing in one direction, then swing back twice as fast. With over 15 orders you can perform, there's always a way back in. You just have to find it!   

Discover a new world as you compete to control it

Explore the world of Kaimas-2 with 250+  pieces of unique artwork and 50 tarot sized event cards that tell the story of the colony's early years on the planet.   

Lander card artwork of Kaimas-2
Lander rulebook

Tailor game play to your group and schedule

LANDER has 3 modes of play designed to step you through the complexity of the game. Each mode has a different play time and win condition, as well as its own setup booklet to help you get started.

Elevate game play with high quality components

Our interlocking plastic tiles, dual-layered crew mats and trackers, functional inserts and branded player bags will elevate your experience. Don't take our word for it, see what the pros say.   

Close up of Lander sectors and structures
Lander playtester at Snakes & Lattes board game cafe

Benefit from a global playtesting movement

For 9 months, we've had 130 prototype copies of LANDER in game shops and cafes around the world. We've collected feedback from this mass blind playtest to make LANDER the best game it can be.

Want to receive a reminder about the Kickstarter launch? Sign up for our mailing list. As a thank you, we'll send you a link to download some custom LANDER artwork! 

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Still not convinced? See what the community is saying.

Becca Scott from Geek and Sundry holding the Lander game box

"There are so many options and that's what I like in a game. I like to know that when I lost, it had nothing to do with luck, it was entirely my decision making."

- Becca Scott, Geek & Sundry

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