The Global Corporate Coalition (GCC) includes six of the world's largest and most influential companies, representing industries such as finance, big pharma, transportation, energy, technology, defense and lifestyle.

Click on a crest below to learn more about each corporation, such as their motivations for funding the GCC Intrepid, their anticipated role on Kaimas-2 and their play style in the LANDER: Corporation Outbreak expansion.         

Aspire Inc., incorporated on July 14, 2041,  is an international procurement company, offering an unprecedented level of choice and services to the upper echelons of society.   

The Aspire headquarters are located in Dubai, U.A.E.


Role on Kaimas-2


  • Each Corporate Program gives players a range of themed options 

  • High focus on Expanding

  • Inexpensive crew acquisition 

  • Cheap crew development through Training cards

  • Longest Observation track

  • Short Quarantine track


  • Expensive Upgrades 

  • Limited ability to purchase Action cards

Play Style




Westcot &




Greatness awaits

Most pioneers aboard the Intrepid come from elite backgrounds. Aspire's role is to quickly capture the land necessary to procure products that meet the demands of these wealthy individuals and help smooth their transition to life on Kaimas-2.

Through the acquisition and analysis of vast amounts of consumer data on Earth, Aspire thrived by tailoring their products and services to the needs of a rapidly changing society in chaos. This experience enables them to provide their crew with a range of strategic options.

Their corporate ethos revolves around them knowing best. Their ability to observe trends and acquire knowledge rapidly, enables them to pivot their strategy to overcome any circumstance.   

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