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02   The Discovery

It was in 2035 that the Kaimas system was first discovered. Without the help of the James Webb Space Telescope, deployed over a decade earlier, its existence might have gone undocumented for years.

Lithuanian astrophysicist Viktor Kaimas was the first to identify the Earth-like body within the 5-planet system. Located second from the sun, it became known as Kaimas-2.

In the years that followed, the international space community became obsessed with Kaimas-2 and shifted most of its focus to studying this new world. 

Mounting evidence of high carbon dioxide and methane concentrations in the planet's atmosphere suggested, at a minimum, the presence of microbial organisms.

Further study determined that atmospheric oxygen concentrations were roughly the same as Earth, 500 million years ago. With the planet being located in the 'sweet spot' for liquid water, this discovery led humanity to set its sights on one day reaching Kaimas-2.

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