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04   The Mission

The discovery of Kaimas-2 and the completion of the GCC-funded ship, called the Intrepid, sparked a collective shift in humanity's mindset.

The goal had been to merely survive, but now humankind aspired for something more; to become an interplanetary species.

Earth's dwindling resources would be supplemented by those from other worlds. The rapid pace of technological advancements would reduce journey times, making further interstellar transport of people and goods economical. 

The GCC's ability to travel to the Kaimas system and establish a thriving community would be the first step towards that goal; a proof of concept. For decades, #OperationIntrepid trended across the world's media.


The Intrepid's mission was to carry 5,000 pioneers, each belonging to specific disciplines, which would help prepare the planet for the large-scale colonization effort that would follow. Of course, this was corrupted when the GCC auctioned a number of seats to the highest bidder, irrespective of their qualifications for the mission.

Without a basic level of infrastructure in place, it would not be possible to support the arrival of all the pioneers at once. The colonization would have to be carried out in stages.

The first stage would be to send a small contingent of 60 highly skilled people, as well as 6 GCC representatives, to establish an initial colony base; serving as a beachhead for the incoming pioneers. 

To carry out this task, the Intrepid was designed to accommodate a forward landing craft, which among the pioneers, affectionately became known as "the Lander".

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