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For more than four years, we've been prototyping, playtesting and refining both the rules and components in Lander. The copy that we've sent out to reviewers and Play Before You Pledge partners is our '98% finished' prototype. It's a good representation of what the final game will look like, but it still has room for one last round of corrections and improvements. 

For this reason, your feedback is very important to us. To help make Lander the best game it can be, we're asking anyone who has played the game to please fill out our brief feedback form. As a thank you, you wil get 2 entries into our monthly giveaways to win a copy of Lander.


As we receive your feedback, we'll update our list of corrections, improvements and stretch goal ideas below, so you can see what's already been suggested. 



  • Under 'Step 4. Collecting Activities' on pages 7, 9 and 11 in the Rulebook, it should say "2 Action cards" not "2 Activity cards".

  • Rosamond Darcy's crew card has the 'Innovative' trait colored red but should be colored tan.

  • All Action cards that +3 or -3 Engineering, Operations or Science should say "for the rest of this year" not "round". These do not count as attachments.


  • The graphic design on the payment cards will be reversed so each Official Order shows the resource cost first, followed by an arrow (e.g. 1 Energy and 1 Titanium -> 1 Upgrade).

  • The icon for expanding on the payment mat will be changed to show that players draw 1 new sector AND claim an adjacent one.

  • The layout of the Mission cards will be changed so that the criteria are bigger and easier to read from across the table. The special criteria text will be enlarged and also depicted with iconography.

  • Individual player trackers for resources and Mission Stars will be added to improve in-game counting and planning.

  • Gold and silver will be integrated into the front of the Mission cards so its easier to see which type they are when they are face up on the table.

  • The probability of hitting traits will be increased by adding 15 cards to the Training deck (12 single-choice trait cards and 3 double-sided class cards).

  • Add 2 page 'Quick Rules' guide to aid in teaching new players.   

Stretch goal ideas

  • Improve the durability of the player mats / trackers and mitigate the impact of table bumps by upgrading to dual-layer cardboard mats.

  • Upgrade Accolade cards to dual-layer cardboard.

  • Upgrade bags holding player pieces to colored bags with corporation logos.

  • Improve quality of cards to 310 gsm Chinese black core paper.

  • Free access to Lander tutorials on the Dized app.

  • Unique 3D player piece designs for each corporation. 

  • 3D mini of the Lander. 

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